1 Response to Poems

  1. Samatha Ireland says:

    A Poem written my son, who was 11 years old when his baby brother was born sleeping….

    To Mommy, Please don’t be sad, I miss you so much too. It’s beautiful here where I am, but I worry a lot about you. I sleep with the angels watching over me. There is only love up here. I’m never lonely or afraid because God’s so very near. I walk with Jesus everyday. He’s kind and sweet. Don’t worry Mommy, he holds my hand when we cross the golden streets. I never cry or hurt myself, I see our family everyday. I play, laugh and sing a lot. I hear when you pray Mommy. Please don’t be mad at God you see…he loves me too. Even though your not with me I’m really still with you..And never forget to say hello to me every now and then. I will always love you.
    Love, Joeby

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