A Journeys End

I see you in the distance
You are surrounded by the light of a harvest moon
I try to call out as you walk away
I run after you, calling your name
My voice dissipates into the wisps of a gentle wind
You keep walking and you never look back at me

In my dreams…..
I caress your face and breath in the scent of your flawless skin

In my nightmares…
I close my eyes for a moment and you are gone
Now my tears are a daily reminder that you won’t be coming back

My Life is held captive by a..
Darkness that caresses me like a new found friend
The blackness of nightfall crept in and stole you – Took you without asking

My Future….
I see the smiling face of a beautiful child, who laughs as i nuzzle their neck
My body aches to create you
Everything within me craves the happiness you will create
I need you

For now….
I am banished to the dark lands to wander alone
On my journey to bring you home

 Tiernan’s Mom – May 2011


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